• Victoria Bowers

Lockdown COVID-19

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The UK has been in lockdown for well over a month now as coronavirus continues to sweep across the world. The only way I have survived not seeing my family or friends is by going out daily for an hour to be amongst nature. The streets are empty, the roads are quiet and all I can hear is the birds singing from the tree tops. I have taken my camera with me for the last couple of weeks, capturing whatever makes me smile along the way. I am also keeping a daily journal and writing a small book of poems. One of which i will share on my blog.

We wait, and we wait some more,

for every day we hope.

We hope, and we hope some more,

for every day we believe.

We believe, and we believe some more,

for every day we fight.

We fight, and we fight some more,

for every day we succeed.

We succeed, and we succeed some more,

For every day we overcome.

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