• Victoria Bowers

Big Gaden Bird Watch

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I thought i’d sign up and take part in the RSBP Big Garden Bird Watch this year. We had quite a few visitors to the lawn including; a dunnock, a blackbird pair, a robin, starlings, jackdaws, collared doves and of course a few blue tits. During my walks, I have captured many birds in their natural habitats. I have gathered some to show you below;

#biggardenbirdwatch #rsbp #nativebirds

A Robin

A Blue Tit

A Young Starling

A Dunnock

A Collared Dove

A Long-tailed Tit

A Crow

A Stock Dove

A Cygnet (Young Swan)

A Wood Pigeon

A Drake (Male Duck)

A Goldfinch

A Chaffinch

A Yellow Wagtail

A Coal Tit

A Male Blackbird

A Female Blackbird

A Mallard (Female Duck)

A Male Swan

Drakes in flight

Great Crested Grebe (and chicks)

Great Spotted Woodpecker

A Red Kite

Greylag Goose

An Atlantic Puffin

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