• Victoria Bowers

The History Of The Future

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Hey You, Smartphone Toggers!

There are over 3 billion images taken on smartphones every day but many of these images end up being deleted to make way for more pictures. When we look through history, we use images to get a look and feel of the times. Some of the greatest historical images came from private albums.

This post is about preserving what will one day be history. Every photo whether taken in the street, in your home, at your local supermarket or even your mirror selfies will one day represent a time gone by. Photos help us place fashion eras, home-decor journeys, great (or terrible) architectural developments, and right now the COVID19 pandemic.

Before you go deleting your smartphone pictures, pick out ones you think tell a story of a time gone by and perhaps print them for a special album or archive them somewhere safe.

Instagram is trendy right now but it’s fast becoming the largest historical image archive to date and your personal image journal could one day become the history of the future.

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