• Victoria Bowers

The Gift Of Nature

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

“Awakened from the peace of the night, 

to a hazy glow of bright sunlight.

Boundless energy entices me outdoors,

where a cool, brisk wind astoundingly soars.

Leafy branches extend from great towers,

decorated lightly with pastel flowers.

Birds dance effortlessly in the sky,

as they echo their unmissable cry.

Water so calm that time stands still,

as clouds drift on gently over the hill.

Mini ballerinas sway through the air,

carrying a seed they wish to share.

Luscious green grasses line the riverbed,

as the delicate soil offers a cushioned tread.

As the morning haze becomes a sea of gold,

another story awaits to be told.”

Written by Victoria Bowers.


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